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At The Misty TV Firm Corp., we’re proud of the work we do. Since 2016, we’ve been making our clients’ dreams come true & creating blooming brands and more in the Entertainment Business!!!


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“Don’t Watch Them...Watch Us!!!”


The Misty TV Firm Corp. “The company that Brands!”

“Don’t Watch Them...Watch Us!!!”

The Misty TV Firm Corp. has been established since 2016 by CEO and Founder Misty Blanco (aka Mysterious from Making The Band 2 protégé to Sean “P-Diddy” Combs) who created the company to establish upcoming artist in the world of mainstream entertainment.
The Misty TV Firm provides management, publicity, DRT/Billboard  radio charting and television show development. The firm also manages, and represents mainstream clients from actors/actresses, professional athletes, to major rap artist.

Want to be a part of The Misty TV Firm?

“Don’t Watch Them...Watch Us”

If you are a talent looking for a home base that will help you take your career to ultimate heights than you have found the right place. The Misty TV Firm Corporation is equipped to work diligently and professionally around the clock to make sure all our clients are successful and satisfied with the services we provide.
You can email your music, pictures, bio and the services your looking for from our company,(management, publicity, radio campaign, video placement, etc). 

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A Unique Entertainment Agency

The Misty TV Firm Corp. is home to some of entertainment’s brightest stars. What started off as a small agency in 2016 has since turned into an empire of superstars.

Our talent agents carefully choose those we represent, providing them a chance to boost their career by offering them business management/branding, publicity, radio campaigns, video placement, production, film development and countless of opportunities.

We’ve spent years growing relationships with the industry’s top names like P-Diddy, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Kem and Corrine Bailey Rae, Mike Epps and Jamie Foxx countless of others, we offer our artist  and clients the opportunity to work with some of the biggest modeling agencies, record labels and production companies with leading names like Billborad, Lions Gate, Tyler Perry Films, Viacom and so many more.

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Radio Campaigns


Committed to Quality

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Partners & Affliations


The Misty TV Firm Corp. specializes in linking top talents we represent with industry-leading clients. Our success is measured by the networks and relationships we develop, providing our aspiring stars with the chance and opportunity to shine. Learn more about some of our most valued clients and the work we have done with them below.


World Star

World Star has provided The Misty TV Firm Corp. stars the chance to shine in the spotlight since we first formed our relationship. We are proud of our work with World Star and will continue to offer our wide range of services to ensure that our stars are getting the treatment they deserve.


Epic Records

Epic Records has been working with The Misty TV Firm Corp. for many years. Every time they’re on the lookout for new talent, they contact us. We have established a long lasting relationship that allows those we represent to thrive in the industry.


Viacom Networks/Productions/Film

The Misty TV Firm Corp. has been working with Viacom for many years. Since working with Viacom, our stars have benefited from the outstanding relationship we’ve developed, offering our talent prominent roles in a number of different productions.

We’d love to add you to our client list! Contact us today to schedule a meeting.


Artist of The Firm

Shining in the Spotlight


Tommy Gee

"Mr. World Famous"

At The Misty TV Firm Corp., we’re proud to introduce you to our artist "Tommy Gee" who is one of our talented stars, known for his unique style and voice. Tommy Gee is a male pop rap artist known for is melodic melodies and bass driven tracks. Tommy Gee is also a Model & Actor.


big nuni.jpg

Big Nuni

Pop Rap Artist

Since 2016, our talent "Big Nuni" has taken the industry by storm, into the spotlight. Big Nuni broke the DRT Radio Charts in her first week of release. Her music is gangsta and fun all at the same time. This pop rap princess "Big Nuni" is making her mark on the game with her big bars, and big presence "Big Nuni" is the next big pop rap star.




A Rising R&B Sensation

Since we opened our doors in 2016, we’ve come across a number of rising stars with the potential to reach celebrity status. Karma is one of our many talents that has earned their superstar quality with a number of Pop R&B tracks "Karma" is truly a artist you don't want to miss out on.




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Engage with More of The Firm's Artist

Shining in the Spotlight

At The Misty TV Firm Corp., we’re passionate about growing great talent and it shows in all of the work we do. Since we opened our doors to the tri-state area, our list of success stories has only grown. Learn more about the talent we represent stars and how we’ve helped them to succeed in the industry.


Check out what our rising stars are up to and drop them a line today.


Kutty Chris Banga
a memeber of

Meet More Artist of The Firm


Meet Our Team

Paving the Path to Success

The Misty TV Firm Corp. puts our clients first; we are here to help our top talent jump-start their career success and overall fame. Dedicated to providing exceptional service, our team of agents has connections with a wide range of prominent players in the entertainment industry. Read more about our team and start your journey with us today.

Kimberly "Misty Blanco" Bert


Mr. Ali Partner/CFO/Director of Operations

Owners of The Misty Firm Corp.

Victoria Higgs
Vice President

The Misty TV Firm Corp.

Tyesha Higgs
Junior Vice President

The Misty TV Firm Corp.


Elijah Cheeks
CBR Capitol

Financing  Department

Getting our Clients the funding needed for the services packages we provide such as radio, video, filming & etc. while establishing credt for our clients. Good or Bad credit hit link for more info.

Shayne Patterson
Chief Director of A&R's
Senior VP A&R

Head of the A&R Department

Here at The Misty TV Firm we look for quality verses quantity   Shayne Patterson discovers talent and help them work towards their dreams we have signed some of the biggest acts and more since our doors opened. Shayne Patterson is the A&R to get to know and send your  music too he will help you on your journey to super stardom.

Zaria Johnson
Executive Assistant to Misty Blanco
Junior VP A&R

VP in the A&R Deppartment

Zaria Johnson has been working diligently making sure new talent is discovered by the company, Zaria Johnson knows music and talent and she attaches nothing but quality artist to The Misty TV Firm while being second in command to Shayne Patterson in our A&R Department.


Tiffany Manns
Broadcast Specialist

Radio Department

The Misty TV Firm provides Pro Radio Campaign Packages, allowing our clients FM placement and rotation worldwide in over 180, 000 radio stations worldwide. Contact us today for info.

Kassha Brown
Chief Publicist

Head of the Publicity Department

Kassha Brown is definetly the meaning of press, press ,press! The Misty TV Firm only work with the best, and Kassha Brown is truly the best! Kaasha Brwon makes sure all our artist are seen on all the imporatant platforms, awards, & blogs.

Jeffery Edmen
Brand Marketing Consultant

Head of Marketing  Department

We take pride in the marketing and the strategy of each project we release. Each artist is assigned a tailor made calculated marketing plan to turn each client we work into a major Brand.


Dwayne Trumpet 

Booking Agent

Head of the Touring & Show Department

Natalie Crawford
Social Media Analysis

Head of the Analysis Department

Marcus Washington
& Jamin Walker
MVP Entertainment LLC.

Head of Artist & Project Development Department


John Blassigame
New Day Assiociates LLC

Head of Magazine Department

Paul Levy
CEO Legendary Runways LLC.
Modeling Consultant/Agent

Head of Modeling Department

Amanda Stephens

VP of the Publicity Department


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